choosing flooring for a home with dogs

Do you have canine family members living in your home? Are they hard on your flooring? If you are thinking about replacing your flooring because the furry family members have done a number on them, take a minute to visit my website. There, you will find a list of possible options that you have to choose from. With each possibly flooring material, comes different maintenance requirements to keep it looking great for many years. I have done a lot of extensive research when trying to find flooring for my home that would hold up to several years of my dog's abuse.

5 Ways To Prevent Scratches While Moving Furniture


If you just installed a new wood floor or had wood floor finishing done, you will want to protect its glossy shine. Regular cleaning can help, as can following these five tips any time you rearrange your furniture or move it for cleaning purposes. 

Take Off Your Shoes 

While outside the home, your shoes can pick up bits of debris that can easily scratch the finish of your wood flooring. For this reason, it is a good idea to make your home a shoe-free zone altogether. However, it is especially important when you are moving furniture. 

If you are sliding a piece of furniture across your floor and a small rock or grain of sand falls off of your shoe, the heavy furniture can press it into the finishing, creating a long, fine scratch. Many of these may be small, but over time they will dull your floor's finish. If you need to protect your feet, consider wearing a new pair of shoes that you have not worn outside yet. 

Clean Your Floors

While you are moving furniture, it is small pieces of dust and grit that will dull your floor's finish. Quickly cleaning your floor before you begin moving your furniture will ensure there are no small particles waiting to be picked up by your furniture and ground into your floor. This can be a simple sweep with an electrostatic broom. It is also a good idea to clean your floors again after you have completed rearranging your room. This will get rid of any dirt that was beneath your furniture or settled onto your floor when you moved your furniture. 

Empty Your Furniture 

Heavy furniture can scratch your finish. The lighter your furniture is, the easier it will be to move it without risking scratches or dents from catching or dropping a corner. Before you move a piece, you should empty its contents and remove any extra parts such as drawers. 

Use Towels or Furniture Sliders to Slide Your Furniture 

To prevent back injury, it is a good idea to slide your furniture across your floor rather than try to lift it. This can also prevent divots in your wood flooring that are caused by dropping a heavy piece of furniture suddenly. You can purchase commercial furniture sliders at your local hardware store, but it is important to get sliders that are specifically made for wood floors. Plastic sliders designed for carpet or tile can scratch your softer wood finish. A square of heavy-duty felt, a woven rug, or a thick towel can serve as a DIY slider if you would rather not purchase commercial sliders. 

If your furniture is too heavy for you to pick up each foot easily, you should gently rock the furniture onto its edge and place the slider beneath it. Once your slider is in place, rock the furniture onto it to place the sliders on the opposite side. 

Apply Felt to Pieces You Move Often 

If you have pieces of furniture that you will move often, such as a coffee table that is often pushed aside for extra floor-space, you should consider applying felt to the legs. The felt will act as a permanent slider, allowing you to move your furniture quickly without damaging your floor. Felt also prevents dents from the weight of heavy pieces of furniture.

Keeping your wood floors looking new requires a bit of planning, especially if you are moving heavy furniture across your floors. While these tips can help prevent scratches and dents, mistakes can happen. If you notice an area where you have scratches or the finish has become dull, consult with an expert to debate your options for refurbishing, waxing, or refinishing. 


12 May 2015