choosing flooring for a home with dogs

Do you have canine family members living in your home? Are they hard on your flooring? If you are thinking about replacing your flooring because the furry family members have done a number on them, take a minute to visit my website. There, you will find a list of possible options that you have to choose from. With each possibly flooring material, comes different maintenance requirements to keep it looking great for many years. I have done a lot of extensive research when trying to find flooring for my home that would hold up to several years of my dog's abuse.

Does Your New Commercial Space Have Concrete Floors? Ideas To Spruce Them Up


Concrete floors are all the rage in both commercial and residential buildings across the country. These floors are versatile, durable, and capable of withstanding a great deal of traffic and abuse. However, plain concrete floors are highly industrial in nature, which may not be your style or taste. If your new commercial space has concrete floors, there are many ways that you can spruce up those concrete floors to make them more appealing to you and your décor preferences. By learning a few of these options, you can find one that works for you and get started sprucing up your concrete floors.

Acid Staining

Acid staining is one method that you can use to change the appearance, color, and perceived texture of your concrete floors. This method utilizes a mixture of hydrochloric acid, water, and different metallic acid soluble salts.

Essentially, the water prevents the acid from being too corrosive, which would damage the structural integrity of the concrete. The acid with the water buffer will microscopically penetrate the surface of the concrete, allowing those metallic salts in the mixture to get into the concrete. Once the salt molecules get into the concrete, the chemical reactions occur, causing the concrete to change in color and gradient.

The acid staining process creates a natural stone look to your concrete with subtle variations in the color. The exact finish you get depends on the type of acid staining that you choose. However, all of the tones are natural-looking including blues and aquas, tans, browns, grays, and the like.  If you want a classic natural stone look for your concrete floors, acid staining is a great way to go.


Alternatively, you might prefer a more modern and unique take on your concrete floors and business. In this case, stenciling is a great idea for you. Stenciling a concrete floor is similar in concept to wall stenciling.

Choose a pattern or design that you like for your flooring as well as a color. The stain or paint that you will use is water based rather than acid based, ensuring a brighter color and a wider array of color options to choose from.

Stenciling affords you a number of options for flooring design. Rather than purchase a variety of area rugs for your business because of the cleaning and upkeep they will require, for example, you could stencil paint an area rug onto your concrete floor. You could also use the stenciling for the entire surface of your floor to make it look like tile.

With these options in mind, you can hire a flooring contractor to help you customize your concrete floors to suit your business needs and style, giving them a little spruce in the process.


9 March 2017