choosing flooring for a home with dogs

Do you have canine family members living in your home? Are they hard on your flooring? If you are thinking about replacing your flooring because the furry family members have done a number on them, take a minute to visit my website. There, you will find a list of possible options that you have to choose from. With each possibly flooring material, comes different maintenance requirements to keep it looking great for many years. I have done a lot of extensive research when trying to find flooring for my home that would hold up to several years of my dog's abuse.

Choosing Flooring And Shutters


When you are deciding on the right type of flooring for your home, you want to go over the different benefits and features the different types of flooring offer, so you choose the flooring widely and go with matching shutters. Here are some of the different types of popular flooring and the shutters that match.


If you are thinking about carpeting, then you have so many options available. If you are on a tight budget, then you can get a lower end carpet. However, the lower end carpet won't end up lasting as long, and it may not feel as comfortable to walk on. You can make it feel more comfortable by choosing a thicker padding, though. If you want higher end carpet, you can choose a nice carpet that looks great, lasts longer, and is even stain resistant.

When you choose to go with carpeting, you should stick with shutters that match the color of the carpeting. However, if you have decided to go with carpeting that has mixed colors, then you want the shutters to have the same color as the darkest color in the carpet or the lightest color.

Hard wood

Hard wood flooring is nice because it comes in so many different styles and colors. Whether you are looking for light, medium, or dark colored wood flooring, you will find just what you want. You can purchase synthetic wood flooring that easily snaps into place, or you can go with real wood flooring.

When you decide to go with a hard wood flooring, it will be hard to match the exact color and pattern of the wood, but you can go this way if you are able to match the floor and shutters. Otherwise, you can go with white shutters on a colored wall. If your wall is white, then you can go with another color that pulls from your home's prominent décor pieces.

Tile flooring

Tile flooring is good if you are looking for a very durable flooring. Just like with hard wood flooring, the tile flooring is also easy to keep clean. Tile flooring is also good in areas where you deal with more hot weather because the tile will stay cooler and this can help you to keep the inside of your home cooler. If you have pets, tile flooring makes it easy to not only clean up their fur but also clean up any accidents they have. Along those same lines, when things get spilled on tile floors, you won't have to worry because you can simply wipe it up with a damp rag.

If you decide to go with tile flooring, then you can choose shutters that are the color of the tile or a color in the tile's design. You can also go with shutters that match the grout that is used for the tile. White is always an option you can go with as long as your walls aren't white.


4 November 2018